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Confusion over my planned installation date

Joining in

Hi there, I recently enquired here about joining VM for broadband, and eventually got an initial contract in place for the M125 fibre service and an upcoming installation date. My neighbour downstairs has VM already and initially I was told I could not get receive VM broadband, although this has now changed and the other day VM engineers did come out to my property briefly to check what needs to be done to run the cable into my flat and so on. 

So here's the confusion....

I have a current installation date of Monday 17th July which I'd potentially like to change (but only if there's another date within that week really), but I rang up VM and spoke to a customer service rep over the phone earlier, and he said they've actually put in the notes (I never received any email about this) that the planned cable installation and works were actually the 3rd of September I think it was, because they would need approval from the council etc. 

That's OK, however, I need to know whether this 17th July appointment is therefore completely pointless, as I may not be around that day now. 

I would like a bit of clarity as to when this is all going to be done, because presumably, it's early September now, and the 17th July appointment is pointless and potentially going to be cancelled? 

Please could someone advise? Thank you 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @LarryDavid,

Welcome back to our Community Forums! Thank you for your post and sorry to hear that you're facing some confusion with your install!

There are always two appointments that are booked in for an install. The first one is an External Pre-Install Assessment of the area/ location and the second one is the install itself.

It does sound like the appointment on the 17th will be the external pre-check to ensure that all cabling is clear and can be connected to your property. 

However, if you'd like more information on this and check if you'll need to be at the property, please give our Pre-Install team a call directly on 08000521734. If needed, they'll be able to amend your pre-install appointment too.

Let us know how you get on and if you need any more assistance going forward.

Thank you! 😊 

Forum Team

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