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Re: Complaint about installation delays

I agree, however my particular village doesn't have voice over IP, so the only way they can offer a phone in the package, is to use the existing copper infrastructure. Something, once again, I wasn't told about until this happened and I investigated further.

This is a situation thats been going every since my village got cable, theres been so many people here that have complained, including the actual parish council, who told the contractors who done the cabling that the had to do some pieces again. The first contractors went bust and a second company was then called in to sweep up the mess, however they aren't much better than the first lot.

If you look back on my posts, you will see stuff back to the beginning of August 2017! We've had the pavement outside our house dug up 11 times! We've had cabling to the brown house box laid 4 times! We've had our toby placed 3 times (fyi, a toby is the inspection hole just outside the property, where the main cable;ing attaches to the local, house cabling). In total, including the times where we've had 4 or 5 people outside the front staring at the cable, we've had almost 20 Virgin Media people visit our property... And we still can't get connected! And now, as I mentioned previously, they expect us to allow them for a 12th time to dig up almost £4k worth of drop-kerbs to fix a blockage that they haven't been able to fix before the drop-kerbs were there! Can you image the mess they would make when they fill the drop-kerbs in!!??

Yes, i'm still frustrated... After the first attempts, Virgin offered us compensation... I worked out we had lost money amounting to over £2500, with days lost working, phone calls, more days lost, and so on..... And they offered me £40...

Please don't get me wrong, I would love to still have the super fast cable, and if there was anyway they could guarantee 100% that one visit would result in us being connected, I would sign up for the third time. But there is no way they can because they themselves don't actually know whats going on...

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