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Complaint - Virgin had agreed to connect me. Contractors cancelled without knowing the story.

So my new house under refurb is set back 50m on a Virgin serviced road, between 2 virgin serviced houses.  

After 3 months of a lot of conversations with the various managers, the CEOs of virgin office and even the local install team. Virgin agreed to install if I ran a channel on my private driveway which I am happy to do. 

I was told I would get an Call a few before to discuss the install and what I need to provide in terms of a channel ( what side of the driveway and where to ) - but all that happened was some green marks on the driveway then my pre-account was abruptly cancelled.  The 3rd party construction team just decided they didn’t want to do it ( which was never expected ) or actually come talk to me it appears. 

I had agreed to run the channel and conduit - but needed to know where it was to go - hence  I was supposed to speak to someone. 

I got a phone message stating this and a telephone number to call,  to talk about engineering prior to connection, but the options are broken and it drops you back to main menu so it’s impossible to talk to anyone.  

I’d like someone to actually talk to.  Meet at the property and tell me what I need to do.  How can I sort this out.  The CEO’s Office promised this was all good - we had a simple arrangement and some contractors have managed to screw it up.  

Please can someone human here actually help me and put me in contact with the local spotter / construction supervisor team ( KT20 7XA ).  Even my property is now listed as “possibly” serviceable again!! This is all incredibly frustrating and We are due to move in, in less than a month.   


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Re: Complaint - Virgin had agreed to connect me. Contractors cancelled without knowing the story.

Hello prowl

Sorry to hear this has happened

As a rule we are trained or able to get  involved in anything like your post on our Forums 

That would be why the CEO Team got involved 

But if I can possibly take your details 


Contact Number 

Full Address 

I can pass this on to one of Area Field Managers to have another look 

Can you please supply the above details by a private message that would be great 


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