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City Fibre cut my external line

So, like some others before here, CityFibre today cut through my external virgin cable on the pavement.  Ended up calling cops on me because i threatened to snip there newly laid fibre lines with boltcutters. 

I called and got an overseas agent today who booked an engineer for Friday. Maaaaan that feels likr ages away. Then, now I am worries said oversees chap didnt really understand me fully when i said they litterly have cut it right through and now sealed back in the pavement. I really cant be offline this long, i need to work from home.

I know this technically isn't your fault. But this is now a recurring theme, you will bill them a fortune for this, and im the one left to suffer,  2 young kids with no TV. I can't work from home and i really dont think technician on Friday will be fixing this. Infact, im almost sure there is absolutely no hope of me getting back online Friday. What can I do please?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: City Fibre cut my external line

Speak to the City Fibre onsite gaffer and tell him you want compensating with a Mobile Data Dongle to see you through until the VM Line is repaired.

If you don't get any joy remember there is only one person in a company that doesn't have a boss and don't be put off escalating the problem up through their management chain.

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