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Chasing up engineering works

Hello Virginmedia community, I hope you are all well and safe during these times.

I moved address back in June, after getting the go ahead, and entered my address/postcode and that stated that I was able to get the services at my new address.

Once moved in I noticed there was no cable point/virgin point on the wall, either internally or externally.

But, my neighbours on either side DID have the brown box/connection point and I could see they had a connection to it

Fast forward a week or so, an engineer visited while I was at work saying "some work needed to be done". Then a chap came to "collect my equipment" I was confused and asked why, and he said "you don't have Virgin Media services anymore" my contract had been terminated.

Frustrated, he hooked me up with a very helpful chap called Ian Horner (Field Sales Adviser) who stayed on the phone with me to see why I couldn't get services, as he was confused too.

I then attached images of the external of my property, labelling every single detail of all the floor grates (CATV etc) and all the cable runs, where they running to and from) then I heard no response and that was it.

Now I'm on the live chat, and have had absolutely no reply, I'm now with TalkTalk and doing OK, but I really would like virgin services at my property

Many thanks

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Re: Chasing up engineering works

Hi there

Thanks for reaching out to us

I'll pop you a private message to take some details and check this over for you

Thank you


Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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