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Changed Installation date for upgrade but was never informed the equipment was to be sent separately

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Can someone from VM please clarify when making changes to a contract if there should be notification advising that new equipment was to be sent out for upgrade? 

8th August I agreed to change to the 1Gig Volt package with 360 and an additional box for a total of £80.00 per month and a £25.00 02 SIM which I agreed to. New contract was sent and signed with no issues. I had to change the installation date late due to unforeseen circumstances and as a result my next bill reflected the 'rolling' current contract rate which I reluctantly agreed to as the change of installation was of my own doing. I was never informed when making the changes that as a result of the upgrade that new equipment would be sent to my address ready for the engineer as I had an additional box that would require some structural changes. 


Today I was admitted to hospital on the expected installation date so I changed this to 31st August but checking my account it is showing as a fault appointment and not a new installation. I again contacted via WhatsApp who advised me that now they cannot get the equipment to me until 16th October!? I was never advised at any time that the engineer was dependant on the equipment arriving, I was under the impression that the engineer would have what was required (new router, 360 box and 2 new remotes) and now again this means I have another month of rolling contract price which is not acceptable. I have had another updated contract from today which has had 3 separate prices and costs and I was reassured it was all changed. It is still wrong. There must be some way to raise an official complaint for this? My question remains - do the engineers have the equipment when they planned installation date arrives OR should I already have the equipment sent ready for the engineer? If the answer is the latter then I have never been sent delivery instructions for either or the 2 installation dates I had planned.

I am incredibly close to cancelling the upgrade, paying the last bill and then cancelling my Direct Debit for anything further given the appalling support. I have all contract details and chat transcripts of what I was advised by numerous advisors which is still not correct 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @danmarkfurness 👋 Welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

I hope you are feeling better after your recent hospital admission. Sorry to see there has been some conflicting information regarding this new order. If this is processed as a manned install the engineer will have this equipment with them ready to install.

If the order is processed as a self installation then an engineer appointment is incorrectly booked for a fault rather than an installation then there's no guarantee that they will have all the equipment to hand.

I've checked our system and can see that you've spoken to the team since posting this, have they been able to assist with this since speaking with them?

If you need further support, please let us know. We're always happy to help.



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