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Change technician install to Quick start


We are retaking TV services after ditching them a year or so ago. We spent 2 hrs on the phone last week ordering new services. We explained that we'd previously had VM and were still Broadband customers, all the previous cabling was still in place and just needed TIVOs pluggng in but he insisted we have a technician install it all.

In an attempt to try and save everyone some time and prevent an engineer needlessly calling (especially as I'm in the extemely vulnerable Covid class)  my wife has again spent nearly 2 hours on the phone trying to change Engineer Instal to QuickStart (there's a misnomer if there was one) and been passed for person to person, none of which seemingly have the slightest idea what QuickStart is. Eventually we gave up.

I'll now have lock myself away while an Engineer wastes a Saturday afternoon installing my kit when it could have been spent installing for someone who needs it.

I'd forgotten how bad VM cutomer service is and I'm already beginning to regret coming back to Virgin.

Steve Davies

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Re: Change technician install to Quick start

Good morning @stedav99 


Thank you for your post. 


I have just taken a quick look into your account and can see that the install has been completed. 


I am sorry for any distress this has caused. 


Kind regards,


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