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Cancel contract before installation

Joining in

Hello sorry for the long post!


I've recently separated and my ex had a VM TV, phone, Bb package under his name. He no longer lives here so I decided to take out a package under my name. However, the equipment had not been sent out and I was by VM customer service that the account in my name doesn't exist and the account under my ex's name is still active and therefore they won't be able to setup my account until his is cancelled.

So I'm assuming that my contract hasn't started yet until the equipment is installed (or so I read on other threads).

I am now relocating out of the area and wondered if he cancels his account and I paid for a new package under this current address, can I either cancel the contract before installation or will I be able to transfer it all over to my new address in a different area before installation?

Many thanks in advance 





OK well this is potentially a bit of a mess, the first question is just how well do you get on with your ex? Because depending on this, and indeed VM's ability or willingness to sort stuff out, it can be easy or something on the level of the Labours of Hercules!

So firstly, until your ex formally cancels the contract at the current address, as far as VM is concerned, they won't, indeed, can't do anything. He's still living there and paying the bills was far as they are concerned.

But, you are moving out to a new address, yes? So forget about transferring anything - that simply won't happen, you will need to set up a new account (with the advantage of the new customer discounts, so KaChing), alas any exiting email addresses will eventually be deleted so you'll need to make arrangements for that. 

You really need to see this as an opportunity to sort things out in your own name, move and get setup on your own, in your name and in your control - scary maybe, but a good step on the way to moving on and taking control of your own destiny.

Best wishes



Hi John,


Thank you for your response. My ex is ignoring my texts and being a bit cold with me atm so I wouldn't say we're on good terms. 

OK, so if I'm right in saying - until he cancels I don't need to worry. But once he does then VM will have to get in touch with me to arrange installation? But if I'm not living there, then they'll have to start up a new 'customer application' and go from there?


Many thanks

Hi @Mamato3,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances and the confusion with this. @jems101 is correct in what he has said previously, if an account is active and you are looking to move into a new premise, you would simply just need to set up a new account with us for the address you're moving to. 

If you're not looking to move just yet, and the previous Account Holder has moved out, we can start an account (at your current property), in your name. This can take a couple of weeks as we will try to contact the Account Holder to confirm if they wish to move their current services, or cancel them. We'll then arrange for a new service in your name (this will benefit from a new customer deal) - you can find out more regarding this here.

If you start a new service at your current property, and decide to move at a later date, we can also arrange a move on your services so that you can take everything with you.


Reece - Forum Team

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