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Can't get Virgin despite only being 40 metres from nearest Virgin line


I am due to move house in a month or two and according to the Virgin Media website, I am unable to transfer my existing contract to the new house due to unavailability in my area with it being classed as private property (the road is split into two parts, one part public and then a very small private bit consisting of about 10 houses).

In late 2021, Virgin installed Fibre throughout the public part of the street that leads to the off-road private property, and with that being said it is no more than 40 metres away from the nearest Virgin floor cover (those little V shaped things in the pavement).

Given that I'd need permission from the land owner and/or enough interest from neighbors for Virgin to warrant digging up the remainder of the street (which probably won't happen) - I was wondering, with it being so close, could Virgin work around it somehow to be able to offer me their services?

Currently, the max speed that house can achieve, with any provider, is 80mb which is appalling - especially when I am enjoying speeds of over 350mb at the moment and am very happy with it. I do not wish to cancel but I would be left with no choice otherwise for what seems to be a very short length of cable (I can see the floor cover from my bedroom window).

Is there a possibility of getting someone out to survey the area and see if there is something that can be done about it?

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Re: Can't get Virgin despite only being 40 metres from nearest Virgin line

Hi there,

Thank you for joining the community and taking the time to post here, welcome!

The situation you describe is unfortunate and I know that we would love to be able to supply services however there are a number of obstacles here that would need to be overcome. Firstly as you note the distance is around 40 m which doesn’t sound a lot but in terms of the work needed to be done and the cost of that work it is actually quite considerable for one customer.

Wayleave is also the other big obstacle. You would need to obtain written permission from the landowner, which is sometimes more than one person in terms of the shared drive or street, before any work could take place. From your post you give the impression that this is not possible.

My best advice would be to talk to your neighbours and talk to the land owner and see if you can get an agreement with them personally for us to do the work. It could be entirely possible that many of your neighbours would also like service which would in turn make the cost more agreeable for us. If you can get this far we may be able to take look on the ground and see what can be done.

in terms of work arounds in case this cannot be achieved there is only one other solution that we would consider and this is not always acceptable. This would be to find you’re own route to the access point 40m away and lay you’re own duct to it. This would mean gaining all the permissions needed to cross any land that you had to. We would take no responsibility for anything beyond the access 40 m away. This can sometimes be done but as I say it is not guaranteed.

One final option, which may or may not be open to you, is if the rear of your property backs onto a serviceable street. We can access your property from any direction provided we can get to it and we have infrastructure there.

i hope this helps 





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