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Can Virgin customer service get any worse?

Joining in

I called Virgin Media today as broadband has gone down for the sixth time in eight days, when I check each time on the app I  get a status report with the usual,’  we’re investigating an issue in your area ‘ and a ridiculous estimated fix time.  All I wanted to know was what was going on as my wife works from home and needs the broadband and almost day it’s unreliable. I have had  no problems for past 8 months.

Eventually I got to speak to a so called manager, yes that’s right a manager who was available….. unbelievably in a rather aggressive manner I was told there was nothing they can do, why don’t I log it each day ( even though on the app your given a reference number and each time I ask for an sms update which incidentally I never get) he couldn’t find out what was going on in fact he couldn’t have been ruder. I asked to speak to his manager he said no but I did get his name. when I asked him if he thought  as Virgin media  advertise he gave me the best customer service possible he said yes he then just put the phone down on me….

I new virgin media customer service was not great but wow its got even worse. I know Virgin  media read these posts if they would like to message me I can give the name and time of call so they can listen back even better idea a senior manager can call me.  Why don’t Virgin spend some of the money they spend on advertising for new customers on improving their  customer service for the customers they already have?


Alessandro Volta

Some problems take ages to fix. In the meantime get a MiFi router and a data-only SIM card to provide a WiFi hotspot. I have recent experience with EE's 4G WiFi Mini purchased from Argos, one costs £49.99 (preloaded with 30GB) and another costs £89.99 (120GB). The SIM card is in the box, it's a bit fiddly to insert.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sil09, 


Thank you for your post. 


I am sorry to read of the experience you've had whilst trying to get this issue resolved. When you had spoken with the manager on the escalated call - I assume it was advised that there is an ongoing issue in the area and that you would need to wait until this was resolved? I can only apologise, but in cases like this, that is all that can be done. Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes - the community forums are not an avenue for complaints, but we will always try and help out where possible when this is the case. On the back of that and has already mentioned if a fault/outage is the route cause of the problem, there is nothing that we could do to speed up this process. I can appreciate that the phone call you had isn't the level of service any of us want - I also apologise about this. 


Was it advised at the time of a fault reference number or an ETA of this? 


Please let me know. 





Ryan_N- Forum Team

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Thank you for the response.  I understand that you can not speed up the process with the ongoing issues. My issue with Virgin is that the communication regarding this is shambolic. My wife works from home and needs broadband it just goes off and on with no warning when you go on the app you get we are investigating an issue in your area and an Estimated fix time which basically always that evening. What are we supposed to do ? This has been going on for over a week now.  The latest fault reference number is F009867072 with a fix time each day of the day after!!!
Regarding the call I had with Virgin on Wednesday Iam still shocked, disgusted, extremely disappointed in that a “manager” can justify putting the phone down on a customer.  Virgin clearly state “it is really important to us at Virgin Media to always give the best customer service possible.” If Virgin are really sorry for this I would appreciate that a senior manager contacts me to discuss. I understand the community forums are not an avenue for complaints but previous experience has thought me that Virgin Media doesn’t do anything when you send in a complaint it just sends a generic response then closes the complaint after about 8 weeks.

Please  understand this is not about compensation it’s about Virgin Media actually taking customer service seriously and looking after their customers.



Hello Sil09, thank for reaching back out, I am really sorry to hear of the outage I know these can be very frustrating. This will also be affecting the whole area which we know can cause disruption. 

Sometimes with outage we wouldn't know until it get reported and we can never plan for these unfortunately unless we are doing planned work in the area. 

I am also sorry you feel our complaint process hasn't worked for you I will be sure to pass this on. All complaints do get seen to here at Virgin.

You can always keep track of outages via this link too.

I am happy to report the current outage is due to end 7/6/22 by 16:25. Thanks  


Matt - Forum Team

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In regards to your response I understand there are outages and understand that at times there are faults but as previously stated the issue is regarding Virgin Media’s communication or lack of it, the Wi-Fi has been on and off over past 12 days yesturday I got an email to say it’s been finally fixed and guess what…. It went of again this morning, I asked for text updates and have  received nothing….

In my previous post I asked for a senior manager to contact me regarding having the phone put down on me… Is this going to happen? Give me their details name/phone number/ email address and I will contact them. You say all complaints get seen at Virgin then why don’t they act on them, surely you can’t get any worse customer service than putting the phone down on a customer.

Thank you.


Hi @Sil09,

I am incredibly sorry for the ongoing issues you've been facing with your services. I've taken a look and it appears a new fault has been detected and logged. The current estimated fix date/time for this fault is approximately 8:15am tomorrow (June 10th). If the issues persist beyond this, please let us know.

Once the fault has been fixed, if you have any additional queries or concerns we'll be more than happy to address them.



Zach - Forum Team
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Ok, seriously what is going on yet another fault with “ we hope to fix this by 17 June at 18.15” had this message since Friday 10June. Been off all day now, How are we supposed to work from home? This has been going now for a few weeks now it’s getting ridiculous a week to fix. what am I paying for?

Can you please address the above ASAP, Iam still awaiting an update as to when a senior manager will make contact with me.

andrew Silver


Good Evening @Sil09, an an engineer has visited the affected cab on the network and has identified the issue.

Currently they are continuing the fix and will be monitoring it before they declare this is resolved.

Kindest regards,