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Can I request virgin media to change the rDNS to my domain on a consumer package?

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I'm a tech nerd, and I wanted to setup my own mail server on my hardware. But I realised that for other people to receive my emails, the rDNS of my IP address has to link up with the domain that the email came from... Which would mean virgin media would have to change the rDNS for my IP address to my domain. It would also probably require a static IP. How would I go about asking virgin media for these if I have a consumer package? Would it even be a feasable thing? Would it be cheaper than paying a company to host it (I don't care about if it would be more hassle or not)



Hosting an email server at home will not receive any technical support from VM.
Look to a proper hosting service, it will offer the required configuration options plus spam / anti virus filters.

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You can't do that. You could get an AWS account and relay through SES though.

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Very Insightful Person

You only get static IPs with a Business class service such as Virgin Business, not on Residential accounts.

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Alessandro Volta

You can use your VM email as a SMTP relayer to send mail