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Can I get virgin media at my new property

Joining in

Morning all.

have just moved in to my new property and virgin don’t serve my property yet. Wasn’t able to move with virgin that I had at the old house. Signed up to receive updates of when virgin will be available at our property

Anyways went out last night and notice a virgin “mini man hole” (pic attached) and various others outside of every house in the road. Does this mean is virgin actually available at the new place?? 
would rather sack Sky off now as their customer service has been horrific in the 3 weeks I’ve had them!! 



Alessandro Volta

That's a tube for VM's fibre optic cable. Whether or not you can actually get VM or not will depend on what additional infrastructure is in place at the other end of the tube!

In any event, keeping your existing connection running until such time as you have VM fully installed and running is usually advised on here. VM's installation processes can drag on for weeks/months/years for some unlucky customers. Those who cancel their existing service, before getting VM, can often be left with no service at all when/if VM fails to deliver the installation on time.

Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway of alerting VM that their infrastructure is here (there also appears to be a cabinet to a few houses down) and that we’d like the final street installation completed? 
I can’t find any numbers or even emails online 

Wait for a VM forum team reply (usually within a few days) and see if they can shed any light.

Hi @danmason10 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us on the community forums, and welcome. 

As @goslow (Thanks for the assistance) has stated, this would depend on several factors in your area. We can certainly help. Have you checked out to see if we are available in your area via our website 👉 Virgin. If we are not servicing you just yet, you will have a form to fill in to register your interest. 

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Sabrina

i have registered my interested before I found the cable tube hole and it said virgin aren’t supplying yet. 

there’s a cabinet just down from the house too so I didn’t know if there was a way of speeding up the engineer/process to get virgin sooner as there is someone (me!) that wants to sign up asap! 

thanks for coming back so quick 

Hey @danmason10 👋.

Oh good, being signed up is the first part. Would you mind me asking the postcode of your street then I can see if there is anything in the area at least and if there is anything extra that we would need to do.


ME14 4PN

Hi @danmason10 👋.

I have checked the postcode that you have given me. No customers are currently connected in your postcode, as for when, that is something we are not privy to, but as you have registered for Cable My Street, you will get some notification if we are to attend in your area. If you know of anymore in your street who wish to join us, get them to register as well.