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Pls Contact me ref account [MOD EDIT: Personal details] My Bill is £233, accidental call that my children have made and cannot afford to pay the bill. I’m struggling to have a conversation due to language barriers and feel that this should be written off or sensible option for the accident to be paid over 12 months, not withstanding an account that’s not active. I’ll have to cancel the direct debit to feed my triplet boys age 7, daughter age 9. No options have been put in place or facilities for call barring and customer service has been appalling from start. SOS Call me [MOD EDIT: Personal details]
The dead lock is a waste of time and ominbudsman isn’t interested from the link you sent me. HELP me.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Sheward1979 

If this is for a VM media account (landline, tv, broadband) then try giving the VM Collections team a call on 0800 052 0360.

They may be able to assist further.


If the post relates to an O2 sim then if you’re having trouble paying your O2 mobile bills, please get in contact with the O2 Payment Management Team on the Payment Support page. You can also call 202 from your O2 phone or ring 0800 902 0217 * from a landline.

*Call costs may vary.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sheward1979,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your bill. 

I have taken a look on our side and I can see you have spoken with the team. 

I hope they have been able to help with this. 


Hi Martin, thank you.

Unfortunately I have been pushed into deadlock within 2 working days and gone to the Ombudsman, I was offered, £20, £60! 

I feel I should of been prompted the HMRC  number I was dialling was going to charge over £3 per minute. 

I put this on other social networks and appalled that Virgin have taken this decision and I myself feel it’s due to the lack of training the 3rd world centres provide and communication is poor. 

Because I’m a new customer, they can’t agree a sensible payment plan to spread costs, other than agreeing to cancel the direct debit, paid £60 for the services and will make weekly payments of £50. It’s idealogical and wished I’d never moved from BT & Sky as they all have call barring functionality and you know what your paying for. 

Hi @Sheward1979 thanks for your reply, I'm sorry we haven't been able to settle this for you to your satisfaction.

if it has now been escalated to the Ombudsman, then it does mean we can't intervene anymore as we have exhausted our internal complaints process.

Please use the Ombudsman as they will now assist you further with your complaint.

Many thanks