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Cabling from street to property


On 5th March 2018, a VM engineer disconnected the cabling from the street to my property as it was connected to the access point meant for my neighbour. He provided with temporary broadband connection but the telephone was disconnected.

All effort to book an appointment for VM cabling team to attend has been unsuccessful as the call centre in India have no idea of what to do.

I will appreciate if any of the moderators can resolve this issue pleaae

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Re: Cabling from street to property

You could try calling customer services again and hope for someone who understands what you want. VM staff will pick up your post, but it can be anything up to a week.

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Re: Cabling from street to property

Unfortunately it may take about a week for someone from the VM forum team to respond. You could try phoning in during the day and follow the menus to thinking of leaving. It is a UK team who may be able to contact the right internal department for you?
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Re: Cabling from street to property

Hi opeolu,

I am sincerely sorry about this. I shall do my best to sort this out - if an engineer appointment is required we can organise that for you though I suspect that getting in touch with the engineering team might be more beneficial.

I've not been able to identify your connection from here so would you please send me a PM (hover your cursor over my picture and click on Send Message) and include:

  • Your name
  • Your house number and postcode
  • A contact number

Many thanks Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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