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Cable installation problems. Piggybacking on neighbors pipe

I have recently moved into a property which is 1 of 3 on a shared private drive. 
The neighbors either side of me both have Virgin connected. 
However, the pipes used for their cables were put down when gasworks were put in, and so they weren't put in with a 'Tee'. 
Virgin told us we would be able to get connected and it is clear all Virgin need to do, is to make a Tee at the Entrance to the drive, where the neighbor's pipe begins and at our property. 
Our neighbors have agreed our cable can be pulled through their pipe. 
We have had 4 visits from various teams from Virgin who keep agreeing this is the best option, however that is not the work they have been sent to do, so are not equipped for that job. Each time they say will go back and convey what needs to be done so it will be resolved next time, but it doesn't get any closer to being sorted. In fact we appear to be back at square one. 
How can we get the various teams at Virgin to align and understand what needs to be done. Instead of miscommunicating with each other every time. 

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Re: Cable installation problems. Piggybacking on neighbors pipe

If you can find an answer to that question you'd do well on Mastermind and probably Who Wants To Be a Millionaire as well .


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