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Cable & Wireless cable to cabinet box- aluminium wire

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I had the pre install guy come out, and told him that an animal had chewed the cable that used to go from the brown box outside to the street.

This cable was brown and consisted of coax and then joined to it another wire that contained 2 twisted pairs phone cable.

On close examination, the coax cable is made from aluminium core and has aluminium thread. The preinstall guy didn't look at this but did mention that they don't even use this type of cable anymore.

I am aware the aluminium has a higher impedance compared to copper and this will affect my broadband speed. Will I need a repull ? He mentioned that it may not be live at the other end.

Many thanks


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

No, copper is far better. It sounds to me that it is a DIY join to the existing cable. It needs replacing with a proper gel filled joiner.

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