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Cable Re-Pull - Question

Hi Guys.

If this is posted in the wrong place i am sorry. I was little unsure. I am wondering if someone can help. We are due to have a cable repull from the front of the house out to the road. This is happening on Saturday. Now Virgin have already been and put some of the cable down and you can see its the black cable at the bottom of the picture. 

Now we also have had two holes drilled in the wall. See the green in the holes. Virgin know the engineers have been but don't have a job log. Does anyone know what these holes could be for? Clearly we did not give permission to Virgin to drill anything in to our property. 


Thanks in advance

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Forum Team
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Re: Cable Re-Pull - Question

Hi wallacetech

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us about the drill holes mentioned and shown in your photo above.

I am not too sure what these are for either to be honest but I'll flag this back to ask the question for you.

In order for me to do this can you pop a PM back to me and let me know:

  • Your name and full address
  • The preferred contact number for you.

Once I have this I can pass this back to the area managers.

To PM* me, simply:

  • Click on my forum PM link Karen_A

Many thanks


* For other forum users reading this, please only PM me if I have asked you to first.


Forum Team

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