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Cable My Area

Hi Guys,

Had to get my services cancelled due to moving property and Virgin not having any cables in my area.

I cannot deal with this TalkTalk or Sky 20 down and 1 up nonsense through DSL.

I really want to come back over to Virgin but was wondering if there is anything I can do to try to get my area cabled or at least an ETA on when it could possibly be done. 

There is so much new property development going on in the area that I'm not entirely sure why the area isn't already covered.


If I cant get residential, im looking at doing a leased line but they both involve running cables anyway. 


Any advice or help before I dive into the leased line rabbit hole would be amazing

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Re: Cable My Area

If Virgin get a load of people from one area all requesting services then they may investigate further, or if a new property development has integrated the virgin cable structure to houses already making it far easier for them they'll investigate. 

Until then it's all a guessing game. 

If you can't handle Sky or TalkTalk try mobile. I can get 90Mbps down and 15 up over 3. 

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Re: Cable My Area


I am sorry to hear that you really want Virgin but cant. 

Basically the only was is waiting for Virgin if it ever does come down the street. Virgin are always looking to expand and that's why they have "Cable my street" advertised a lot. As if you google that, follow the post code checker and it says its not available, once enough people do it, they consider to run cables there if it is near by. However if its a small town or village the chances are, even if everyone in the village done it, they still potentially wont.

For now the best bet is to actually go with BT. Since they kinda own the DSL network, it cuts out the middle man and usually sky is really bad. I see it very often a lot of ex sky customers coming over to Virgin Media.



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