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Buried cable!

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Looking for some advice about how my broadband cable is meant to be connected between my house and the street. We found it buried in the soil of a raised flower bed that we’re currently removing. We plan to lay slabs over the whole area. The cable seems to come up out of the soil and we don’t know where it goes. Does anyone know if the cable is meant to be so unprotected? It’s got a loose plastic tube around part of it. Can it be buried under slabs? Just a bit worried about what would happen if there was a problem or it needed to be replaced and wondering if I can ask Virgin to come and make sure it’s as it should be / protect and bury it properly? Thanks!

Photo attached 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi vmsmithin1710, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

Looking at the pictures and what you've said, it sounds as though this was the right route at the time the cable was laid. They are often buried in grass, soil or routed under driveways. 

The protective plastic tubing ensures the cable is not too exposed but in terms of burying it under slabs, this should be OK, as long as the plastic tubing isn't damaged. 

If you would like someone to come out and talk through re-routing this or expectations for future faults, we can arrange this although there would be a £25 fee. 

If you would like to book this, pop back and let us know so we can get the ball moving for you. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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