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Building my own home, how could I get Virgin Media

On our wavelength

I'm thinking of building my own home, and would really like Virgin Media as an option for my broadband? How would I be able to get it installed?

I've been considering building my own for a while, and whilst thinking of utilities, I realised that maybe I would like Virgin Media installed. I do not know yet where the plot of land will be, as I need to find a large enough plot for the right price. What would be the process of getting it installed? 


Alessandro Volta

Firstly, you'd need to build your house in an area served by VM!

That would potentially place a severe limit on your choices of building plot!

More than likely, yes. However, how hard would it be for me to get VM installed in an area that is not served?


Alessandro Volta

I think broadband is far more important, so does Openreach serve the area you're thinking of building your house. Other services include water, gas, electricity and sewerage (although PV panels and a heat pump will reduce the need for fossil fuels), and a good mobile signal would probably be important. Planning permission matters, too. Good luck.

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As it stands, VM uses its own network to deliver its services so if VM has not installed in the general area of your building plot then you wouldn't get VM.

Even if VM is in the general area, VM does everything on a cost benefit basis for VM. There is no universal obligation for VM to install at a property as with Openreach.

Best advice would be to try to find your plot first of all (which might be a hard enough task in itself) and factor in all of the things mentioned by Roger_Gooner.