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Brown junction Omni box in wrong/strange position

Joining in

I am a new VM customer in a new build property which is internally wired for connection with the excess internal cable coiled up outside the house. 

Recently Keir construction attended the property when I was not at home and pulled the cable through the ground etc so the infrastructure is in place for the final connection later this month. However unlike all other houses in the area the brown Omni box has not been installed where the coaxial cable exist the house covering the exit/entry point. 

I am concerned on how the next engineer will be able to connect the internal and external cable not in a tidy manor.  Every other install I can see the brown box is covering the white pipe and the black cable is covered and higher up the wall etc.. 

Can you arrange to revisit and install in the location giving a tidy install like all other houses? 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The engineer who comes to do the next part of the install can move the brown box if your quite fussy about the positioning.


I can see why it's been positioned there as the pipe has been installed very close to the openreach capping. I suspect other houses don't have that issue

I should of said the other houses are pretty much all the same with the closeness to the Openreach trunking. Some of them the VM install has even trimmed the Openreach trunking. It's all just a bit weird. 

If the am VM engineer is happy to move it, assuming there is enough give in the supply cable run then of course that's fine.

What's the other options, leave the white pipe open and run the  internal cable down the wall and to the Omni box?


Good Morning @Beardy54, thanks for your post and a very warm welcome to you!

If you're home for the follow up engineer to complete the installation, you will be free to direct them to have this installed to your personal preference, without the need of an additional engineer to resolve this for you.

Do please keep us updated with how the completed install goes.

Kindest regards,