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Brown box, garden cable and indoor technetrix cable removal

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We have just moved broadband provider and would like all the old Virgin Media equipment to be taken out from our property. This include the very long garden cable that runs in our front garden, the brown box (that is fairly broken) and all associated cable indoors (such as the technextrix) - Not sure how much of that we can do ourselves but assistance from Virgin Media would be welcomed.

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This won't be a top priority for VM and I can't ever recall a post on here where they have acted on such a request. 

The standard Ts and Cs (at Q3) on this are pretty dismissive:

"We cannot normally be required to remove permanent equipment
installations if you end this agreement or move from your home."


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The policy with VM is that cabling is left for a future self-install service. You can disconnect the cabinet drop at the wall & remove the internal cables yourself. The external drop line would only be altered or removed by VM if it proves to be a safety hazard, as cutting off old drop lines leads to blocked ducts & hence properties being declared unserviceable.

Having said that there is nothing to stop you removing the lot yourself if you are happy with the risk that you or a subsequent occupier of the property won’t be able to obtain services from Virgin in future.

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Yep that’s about the truth of it, but consider it from VM’s perspective, you are no longer a customer and hence presumably aren’t paying them anything, so why would they expend money on sending someone to your house to remove equipment, when they will never be recompensed for it?

Furthemore, as ‘nodrodg’ mentions, if they were to do this, and you or a future occupant, were to want VM services, then they need to spend extra money, reinstating what they have already removed! 

Bottom line, this won’t happen, you are no longer a VM customer, they have absolutely no ‘duty of care’ about your installation, unless you can show that what they have installed is a definite health and safety issue, although you may need to show that this has only become an issue since you left.

OK, now all of the above does sound very negative no, and sounding like I am siding with VM? In fact what I’m trying to get across is the reality of the situation. The chances of getting a VM tech out to remove this is virtually zero, it won’t happen, they have no obligation to, nor incentive to do so, in fact the exact opposite!

So, it leaves it up to you, what is the implication of you simply removing is all yourself? Actually none whatsoever! Cut cut away and remove all of the boxes inside your house, similarly you could just cut the coax cable at the boundary of your property, and remove everything from your side of it - you might want to find a convenient skip to dump it all into.

Now, there may well be responses on here along the lines of ‘doing this might introduce interference into the system and affect neighbours connections and you will be liable for this….’ Technically this is true, the interference part, not the liability issue, of course if VM’s systems are so fragile that you removing unwanted equipment on your property, causes issue for others, then that’s probably VM’s problem, not yours!

Although, just being playful, I wonder what would happen if a customer who was at the very end of their contract, but still just within it, requested a full installation removal as a £25 no fault call out... 

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Thanks for all the replies. Technically we are still customers until the 21st of June. We left VM as they failed to provide us the promised TV package we paid for and have a complaint lodged (still waiting to hear on that too actually!) 

I have attached a picture of what remains of the brown box. Can we legally remove this ourselves?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Yes, you can remove it, and if you are feeling nice, you can put a 75 Ohm termination cap on the end of the cable that comes out of the ground.  As the box and kit is the property of VM, you can write (recorded delivery)  to them and give them 60 days to collect their equipment, before you dispose of it, or hold onto it whatever?

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Knows their stuff

And don't forget to bill them for storing their junk until they decide they don't want to collect their property

The current average monthly rate for storage is £23/square foot/month. Invoices can be uploaded to VM here