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Broadband "Access Denied" + Conflicting Messages

Hi all,

My partner and I have been with Virgin Media for five or six years now.

During that time we've experienced countless issues accompanied by (generally) pretty appalling customer service. But, in the areas we've lived, they've provided the best mbps download - the sole reason we've stuck with it.

Currently we've been without internet access for 24 hours.

I'm getting the familiar solid green wifi signal and flashing green power indicator on my Hub 3.0.

I've had intermittent issues checking local service status online, but this now reports no issues in my area.

However, when I phone 0345 454 1111, I'm informed that there is a "complex issue" in my area and that "engineers are working hard to fix the problem".

I'm working from home and having to use my O2 hotspot to perform my daily tasks - not sustainable.

For sixty pounds per month, I would at least like somebody to be able to tell me whether or not there is an issue in my area. And if so, provide some sort of estimate as to when this will be resolved.

I'm currently queueing to speak to somebody (35 mins in) but have little hope for the conversation that eventually follows.

Yesterday I was greeted by a customer service advisor, calmly and politely outlined my query and was met with ten seconds of silence before I had to ask whether they were still on the line.

I recorded the conversation as I expected it would be painful - and I'll be doing the same today.

I was then asked to provide security details which I attempted to oblige with. However, as my partner is the account holder, I was uncomfortable providing banking details when requested. I was then told that I would have to call back in two hours as their service status checker was down.

All I want to know is:

1. Is there a problem in my area, or is there an issue with my kit?

2. How can either of these issues be resolved if I can't book an engineer appointment?

If anybody has had similar experiences resolved, or even had a similar issue yet unresolved, I'd love to hear about it!


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Re: Broadband "Access Denied" + Conflicting Messages

It may be useful if you talk to some of your VM connected neighbours.
That will at least tell you for sure whether you have an isolated problem or a wide area one.
M350 over FTTP
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