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Broadband not at my address but there is a socket?

Tuning in

I moved into a ground floor flat in a new build (approx two years old) and saw that VM have sockets in two places (living room and bedroom) however these sockets have a logo but no actual port. 

I called customer services because a postcode check showed no services available at this address and CS told me that they still had this address listed as 'under construction'. The CS representative then promised to escalate this and call me back... two months ago.

When in the flat I can see that there are virgin media wifi networks within range so there must be a line nearby. I am also confused about the sockets, why put sockets in but not have services? The property was built over two years ago but nobody seems to have fibre here, it is soul-destroying trying to work with a 10Mb connection!

Can anyone shed any light or can CS get back to me with some answers to this at all? I feel like there is an error on their address listings and I should, in fact, have virgin media available.


Alessandro Volta

The question remains: where's the VM WiFi coming from? Find out if there is someone in your apartment block who has a VM service, if so then the cabling was brought to the building.

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