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Broadband installation did not happen


On the 6th of January 2021 I had an appointment to get broadband installed at a flat I am moving into (I am a uni student). The engineer turned up late, and didn't have the equipment to install the broadband, and said they should come to install it at some point within the next week and I'd get a text/email saying when they would come to install it. Due to the current lockdown, I have not yet been able to move into this flat, and as I am a uni student with total online lectures/seminars I really need the broadband installed because I literally cannot move there until it is installed! 

The customer care number is no help, and I have no idea when the broadband will be installed. Plesae can someone help me at least have an appointment booked for it to get installed? It's insane that no one seems to be able to even give me a number to call to try and sort this out, I just would like a specific date when it will be installed as I cannot move into my flat until it is! 

If it cannot be installed within the next week, I really will have to just find another broadband provider, but I don't even know if I can get out of the contract now given it started on the 6th of Jan - despite the fact no broadband has even been installed. I hope that if they can't come and install it for ages I can cancel my contract and just lose my deposit, as nothing has even been installed!

Please can a member of your team privately message me to try and help me at least book a broadband installation appointment, or find out whether the installation team now have the equipment to install it in my flat, 



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Re: Broadband installation did not happen

Your cooling off period doesn't even start until you have a connection, so you can still cancel without charge until 14 days after then. 

Not that it helps with your delayed installation, just saying. 

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