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Broadband install

Joining in

I ordered broadband and my modem came today. I can see a virgin socket on the wall however I have a sinking feeling that it was cut outside when works were carried out for repairs a while back. If this is the case would this have been detected when the order was placed?



AIUI, you can order the 'Quick Start' kit if VM has a record of there being a connection at the property in the recent past. There would be no real way to test, as such, unless some VM equipment was plugged in and switched on.

Can you find the VM plastic wall box on the outside of your home where the VM cable comes in from the street (usually grey or brown in colour and with VM branding or branding from one of the earlier cable TV companies)?

If you can find it, follow the cable from it into your home. If the cables are cut or missing along the route, you will need to change your quick start installation into a technician installation.

I had a look after posting and from.the looks like it may have been sorted. I have a very faint memory of being told by the gas men if they didn't sort it they'd get in trouble. Will have to see if it works when we finally.manage to plug it in as the box inside seems to have a part of the old connection stuck to it. 

If you have already received the VM hub, you can plug it in and see if it works.

The part which looks as if it is stuck to the internal connector may just be a termination cap (fitted when the socket is to be left unused) or may be the remains of an old plug if the lead was cut off.

If you want further help with connections, post up some photos of what you are trying to connect/connect to and people on here will help and advise.

If the gas installers have made a repair to the VM cable outside after damaging it in the past, it may require the attention of a VM technician but plug in and have a go and see if you can connect.