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Broadband dropping out


Over the last few months the quality of my broadband has slowly deteriorated. It started with the occasional web page which would take 5-10 seconds to load or refresh, for which i tried alternative DNS settings. Most of the time its ok, then suddenly it just wont get anywhere. Whilst waiting, I can ping a site and (usually) get good results back, so it suggests the connection is stable..??? 

Now its getting to the point where we cannot stream radio without intermittent dropping out, and i tried something off the iplayer last night which caused constant buffering (first world problem!)

Router is a 2ac, and we generally use hard wired connections, but the iPad and phones drop out on the wifi connection as well, so it's not something PC related.

I've been testing the line with the think broadband tool, which doesn't suggest any issues either.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Downstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Rx Power RxMER Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors
Locked12227000000 Hz256 QAM2.8 dBmV 36.2 dB3683304
Locked9203000000 Hz256 QAM2.6 dBmV 36.0 dB5534319
Locked10211000000 Hz256 QAM2.5 dBmV 36.2 dB855298
Locked11219000000 Hz256 QAM2.3 dBmV 36.0 dB1086290
Locked13235000000 Hz256 QAM3.0 dBmV 36.2 dB555298
Locked14243000000 Hz256 QAM3.2 dBmV 36.0 dB778359
Locked15251000000 Hz256 QAM2.4 dBmV 36.0 dB1615879
Locked16259000000 Hz256 QAM2.3 dBmV 35.8 dB1119315


Upstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Tx Power Mode Channel Bandwidth Symbol Rate
Locked425800000 HzATDMA42.2 dBmV64QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec
Locked332600000 HzATDMA42.3 dBmV64QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec
Locked239400000 HzATDMA42.3 dBmV64QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec
Locked146200000 HzATDMA43.8 dBmV64QAM6400000 Hz

5120 Ksym/sec


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Re: Broadband dropping out

Hello jamziee,

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the Community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry for the connection problems. I've just taken a look and everything looks normal from our end at the moment. As you report this is affecting your wireless and hard-wired network, I wonder if Modem Modem make any difference to the performance?

Catch you again soon, 

Take care. 


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