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Broadband delivery

Joining in

Hi, I ordered a broadband package on Sunday 25th and it was said to arrive on Wednesday 28th June 2023. It is Saturday 1st July and it has still not come, and I have not received any information otherwise about its delivery. I am a student in a new house and have studies to complete, and so having the broadband take longer than expected to deliver has caused my studies to be delayed.

I tried to see if I could track the delivery on My Virgin Media, however I am unable to create an account as the welcome email did not provide me with a customer account number or area number, so I cannot track the delivery either.

I also tried to ring the Virgin Media helpline, however I couldn't continue with that either as it required me to use a customer account number that I do not have.

Is it possible for someone to provide me with an update on the delivery of my package, as I am weary that it might not come.



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I have also received no email from Yodel to suggest that it has been sent out for delivery, so I am annoyed to be paying for a subscription that I don't even have.

Alessandro Volta

You won't be charged until you are actually on line.  But as to when that will be is a different matter. Virginmedia does everything at the lowest possible cost, so the delivery is not given any great priority. It will probably come some time next week.  

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Problem sorter

Hi @khendricks 

Thank you for reaching out to us here, to the community.

Please accept our apologies for the difficulties you are having, I would like to take a look at this for you and see what I can do to help. In order to do so I will need a little bit more detail so I will send you a private message.

Thank you


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We also placed a order on a Tuesday and had a initial go live of Saturday the same week.
For us it was quite obvious that this lead time would not hold water & 1 month was the actual.
Sadly VM's installation dates are to considered as wishful thinking.