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Broadband Still Not Working

I am trying this forum as a last resort. Two of your idiots cut through the cable outside my house at the start of the week. We still don't know why they felt the need to dig up the road in the first place. No explanation was ever offered. They then stood there and lied to us, saying that the problem would be resolved within a few hours. 

It has been 5 days. We cannot get through on the help line, online support is non-existent. As you would expect, we need the internet in order to work from home. 

It is nothing short of despicable that you are using a global pandemic as an excuse to entirely suspend customer service 

You are currently in breach of contract with us. 

The following needs to happen:

An engineer needs to reconnect us immediately (not in 2-4 working months)

The time we have been unable to use your service needs to be reimbursed. 

The out-of-pocket expenses we have incurred (mobile data) need to be reimbursed. 

An apology would also be appreciated, but we know how you view your customers. 



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Re: Broadband Still Not Working

i like your list - some might happen some might not 

posting here is not a direct line to VM - they have a presence but it can take them a day to a week to reply - the urgent path is the phone - its still being answered all be it slowly at time - CS is not suspended - slow maybe due to workload and covid

and with respect - breach of contract - dont think so - you are using a domestic service - there is no SLA other than they will resolve problems as and when


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Re: Broadband Still Not Working

You'll get compensation inline with the automatic compensation policy as specified in your contract, here it is in short:

Service isn't guaranteed so you won't be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses other than those specified above. If you want service with guarantees then you need to look at business connections rather than residential connections. 

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