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Broadband Set Up


I received my box yesterday and I received the activation txt. 

Followed the guide to set up but it's still flashes green and will not connect.

The reason I choose virgin was because the guy who sold it to me informed me that if I am unable for any reason i am unsuccessful in setting it up they would send an engineer in 48nhours.  No one answers any of the helplines, tried over 15 times and waited over 2 hours in total. The contact number the virgin contact gave me has stopped answering as he said he cant help. 

This is really stressful, I work from home when I'm not in clinic, I'm a nurse who works in research for the NHS so it is imperative that I have access to the internet.


Please can someone give me some advice!!!!!!

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Re: Broadband Set Up

VM will send you the next available engineer when you contact customer service, but at the moment it could take upto a week to get an appointment. I don't know where the "48 hours" comes from. 

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