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Broadband Only Installation


Today I have had the outside install team come to feed the cable to the outside of my property. 

My garden is made up of 2 levels. Elevated to the road side of the property (brick wall and grass) and then steps down onto concrete which is ground level, before then hitting the house.

Before the outside install team started, I explained that in 12 months or so, the driveway will become one level. However, for now could they burry the duct in the elevated grass and then have the duct exposed only where it’s ground level. 

They have just ran the duct over the grass and over the floor to the front of my house. 
Are they going to come back to bury it? 

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Re: Broadband Only Installation

Most likely not. 

But then again, since the only thing they would do is splice the grass and throw the cable down, I wouldn't worry too much. You could do a far better job yourself because you'll actually take the time to do it where they wouldn't. 

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