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Broadband Only - Add on other services later?

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Looking initially to take the broadband option only. If I decide at a later date to add tv or phone, will VM need to add cables or do they install all at the same time to the house and then switch on whatever when you upgrade.



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Alessandro Volta

you may need extra cables for TV - the phone would plug into the router

BUT any change is a change to your contract so any initial deals would likely be cancelled so you would likely pay more than if you did it now - the change would also start a new contract so the 18 month cycle time would restart


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Just the cable for the hub will be installed, no others. If you have TV in a different place they will then install cables. Phone connection now come from hub. That said, if often better to get all services together, it’s a much better deal. If you get them later your contract will be extended.

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Thanks both. Just need to decide which way to go. Thanks

Hi rgch999


Thanks for posting in regards to your package and the options available, we appreciate you raising this and the confusion caused.


All of our deals can be found here and you can speak to the team on 0800 183 1234 who will be happy to help.