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Availability - Coming, now Not?

Tuning in

Not sure I'll get any help here, but the Twitter team recommended trying...!

Contractors have been in our street installing cables for VM.  I was a customer before I moved, and currently we can only get typical 50-60Mbps speeds, so I'm keen to return to VM.  The signs were up saying 'installing on behalf of Virgin Media' etc, and a new cable box has been installed half way along our road.

Using the postcode checker, it said 'good news, we're nearly there!  You'll be able to get connected in a few weeks!'  I left it a few weeks, and since around Christmas, it's gone back to saying VM services aren't available and I should just register my interest.

Anyone have any idea why it's gone from 'nearly available' to 'not coming,' considering the cables all appear to have been laid and the work seems done?



You should register your interest - do that today !

In our locality whole streets were omitted where folks showed little or no interest in Virgin Media services.

I have done; months ago.  As I say, they (VM) said they were about to provide a service to our street because there was enough interest.  They've pulled cables along the whole street, installed a new management box half way down the road, had signs up saying 'cable installation on behalf of VM' while contractors have been working, and so on.  

They've just now changed their mind it seems.

Being on the ground your often best placed to see any further progress to a go live.

Here it was an FTTP / RFoG build with micro bore channels in the edge of the road,
it was 1 month after the connection hatch when it for our property that we could place an order.

You may be able find out how close the service is to you
by using a few local post codes in the in :

Waiting is the hardest game in town !

Hi Elm, 

Thanks for Posting this on our Forums and for your keen interest in coming back to us as a customer after you moved home. 

I understand your hopes were raised with the site stating "Coming Soon" and then subsequently dashed now it states "Register interest" however there may not be anything we can do to help at the moment. 

I Know you have registered your interest, but if nobody else on the street has done so this will be why the service area has been stopped short, I would try to talk to your neighbours and get their interest piqued so they can register as well. 

You could also call the sales team on 0800 183 1234 and ask the agents to fill a "Spotter Request" form, this will mean a surveyor will come to the street to see what needs to be done to connect your property up to the cabinet and whether it's financially viable with the collective interest on the street. 

Good luck with this and I do hope to see you as a customer once again in the near future!