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Auto Compensation Not honored after 20 days of NO services.

I have been a virgin media customer for a while paying around £150 a month for the VIP bundle. My broadband and all other services went down on 4th of September, I got booked for a appointment for 8th of September and I had to take a Day off to be home to assist the Tecnician but no one showed up on 8th ( Thats a missed Tecnician Visit). They rescheduled the visit on 12th of September and the technician showed up but he couldn’t fix the issue. This kept on happening for the next few Tecnician visits and finally a Tecnician who visited on 28th of September fixed it. I am not going deep into the level of inconvenience I had to face during these 24 days. I must have spent at least 12hrs on just calls with Virgin Media.

After all this inconvenience all I was waiting on was the compensation that Virgin Media team promised on each call. Now 2 bills have been issued after the issue and no trace of the compensation.


Today when I called the customer service they fail to admit there was a missed appointment or Service issue. I explained them each and every details after which they gradually started accepting there was a issue but kept saying the system is supposed to automatically compensate and there is nothing that they can do about it. After 10-15 minutes of treating me like a fraud they transferred me to the technical team and its been around 2Hrs of hold the Technical Team accepted my call and without even going through the event log started blamed me of false accusations and blamed me for not reporting the issue in October ( I was waiting for it reflect on my bills because on a previous they mentioned that it is a automated scheme and I was not required to do anything). The technical Team Manager (Mahesh) said in the beginning that there was no missed appointment but then after I started specifying dates he accepted the missed Tecnician Visit but said I was making false claims regarding no Internet service even though I was ready to proof they were not ready to listen. After me trying to explain for 10mins He hung up the call Half way. 

This is absolute nonsense and unprofessionalism from Virgin Media. This is no the way any individual should be treated.

First of all, They haven’t issued any compensation for the service outage for around 24 days. They have charged my bank account for using the services for those days of misery.

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Re: Auto Compensation Not honored after 20 days of NO services.

This may help.

I would suggest that you rely on consumer law rather than either your contract with VM, or the weak and loophole-ridden automatic compensation policy.  VM are required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to provide their service with reasonable skill and care, which would include things like providing a reliable service, fixing faults promptly, keeping appointments, and honour offers and agreements made by their agents.

Given that VM's service is not the best, I think there's a fair chance you'll end up having to escalate this to the arbitration scheme, but you need to formally complain, demanding what you want before you can do that.  Maybe they will come up with a good settlement. 

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