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Are you a new 1GB/ M1000 Customer ? Please reply

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So i was Sold M1000 Package. I got the Hub 4 and I was given/Used the service for 3 months, 

I was then kicked off the Package and moved to M600 without my permission on the 17th of may, No commutations till i confronted them. (I'm a youtuber and i upload at 50Mbps @1440p) So i noticed the drop to around 38Mpbs from 60mbps.

I've complained about this and this was there reply 

"in this case, there is a current Hub 4 outage. Our team is unable to use any 1GIG package codes as a result of this. This is the case even if you had 1 GIG prior. This is why when fixing your package issue, you were put down to 600MB. 

Again we have apologised for the inconvenience caused by this. 

However, as mentioned before"

I have Told them i have the Hub 4 already and my internet is Super important because of what i do. they Have no care to return me to the service i was Paying for.

They did this to me on my Old package 18 months ago i was supposedly put on 1gb and they put me on M600, They said wait a few months and they will put me on 1GB. I asked and they pushed me back for over 2 years!!

So I'm not waiting and putting up with it this time.


Joining in

I currently have a active CEDR Complaint, So if people are still being sold this service. It will help my case.

Thank You.

HI antonyr123, 


Thank you for your post to us here on the Community. 

I have had a check and can see that my colleague is assisting you via private message. As the matter is still ongoing, we would recommend continuing to work with our team over private message to reach a resolution. 

Thank you, 



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Although there is nothing stopping you updating the forum as well if you want to. 

Yea, Virgins case was objected because they ignored the issue for 8 weeks.

Deadline: Monday, June 06, 2022
As per the scheme rules, the objection has been rejected and as such the deadline to respond

So They have till 6th of June to give me the service i payed for or they risk giving me compensation.

Little Update.

Virgin tried to force close my complaint case. Without even my knowledge 

"Dear CISAS,
The company submits a further objection under Rule 2.2.3. Under the previous objection, the
company advised that it was still within the permitted 8-week period. This period expired on
19/05/2022. However, since the previous objection, the issue was resolved on 18/05/2022. As such,
the company argues this matter is not ongoing.
Kind regards,

Yet The complaint is still ongoing:
Member of a staff as of 26 mins ago..

"The package change was not done illegally @antonyr123. It was done in response to the complaint you filed with us. Upon working on that complaint, we found that the package you were on was completely incorrect hence the changes made to put you onto the correct package. 

Unfortunately at the time, we made the changes the GIG 1 package was unavailable to put on. This is the case even if you already had GIG 1 prior. Bear in mind we had to clear the incorrect package and build a new one for you."

The package wasn't incorrect. it was a Normal Volt 1GB package + 02 that I'd had for over 3 months.
They just needed to sort out the rolling credit because the price was wrong, Transcripts proved my price agreement So they Removed the package, Changed it for M600 and reapplied me for a new contract. Without even telling me.

I stream to YouTube, at 45k Bitrate @1440p,  I noticed the frame drops and found out they removed the package. 

The member of staff said No one was being given 1GB Packages. So i wondered if anyone's else's service as been affected also or there just harassing me.

@Staff.I have a question

Is it acceptable if a customers needs a credit adjustment (rolling credit etc) to

They Remove the Customers 1GB Contract
Then they Reapply that customer for another contract package in that customers name all without telling them or asking.
Why if they knew the Speed wasn't even available at the time to give back to the customer. 

It states in my notes (yes I've had copies of all my notes cause of CISAS , Because i work on twitch and YouTube, That my internet can not be messed with.

I'm pretty sure that is breeching data protection laws (Using my data for contractual agreements that aren't authorized by me) (This affects things like my Credit Score ect)

Hi there @antonyr123, thanks for your message.

Did the team give you a reason as to why your package was changed, if there is a price difference then we would provide a rolling credit.

As your questions relate to your account I would recommend keeping any account related questions in your PM with Akua which I can see is ongoing.



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@Nathan_B Seems like the Staff Transcripts wasn't good enough evidence, Yet the price is the normal rate and was agreed by one the market callers anyways. So the first rolling credit was denied.

So after 3 months of them taking over £147 out my bank instead of £75 i reported it to Cisas who as now objected Virgins excuse Twice.

So to try and fix the Credit issue. They made a New contract without no Verbal agreement or Esign So (fraudulent). Put me on a lower speed package.. For same price.

Which was not my agreement or Contract. Virgin maybe can change parts of my packages under there T&C. But they can Cancel/ Make a new one agreement without the Party Consent.

What virgin should of done is look deeper into the transcripts and had the rolling credit overruled.

So now they have like 2 weeks to give me a Settlement or a defence. 

They really have no excuse for what they did. 

Seems like no one else is having issues with there 1gb package? So just me ?