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Are any of these Virgin cables?

Tuning in

Just moved in, was told I can self-install as the block was built with Virgin inside it.

There are three coax cables in the loft. I've bought a female-to-female converter in order to plug it in but none of them seems to work (green flashing light on the router).

When I rang support, they said that they could see the hub on the network but that it wasn't responding to their pings. Any ideas? Can tell a bunch of flats have virgin because there are about 10 'VM' routers coming up on my wifi search.






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The thicker white cable looks like VM cabling, the black will be to the communal sky dish and the thinner white with moulded end looks to be a rf for terrestrial tv (council telly in my area)

Try reconnecting again and factory reset (pinhole reset) the hub and leave it 5-10 mins  hopefully it should kick in

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MjBoyle,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry for the issues yo're having with your services. 

Have you been able to contact the team and resolve this matter?

If not, please do let us know so we can look into this.


Tuning in

Have had two engineers out so far - they were struggling to open the box at the bottom of by block of flats (jammed shut) to check the cable was plugged in. The last engineer managed to open up the box with my help - turns out my flat's cable was plugged in, and the connection to the internal cabinet for the flat block was completely fine.

They've traced the cable up to my flat using a toner - issue is that despite confirming there is a cable run, it has no connection on the end in my flat. The engineer suggested he needs to get an electrician out to re-run the cable via the existing route to my flat, and that he would book it in for me. 

Haven't had anything booked and when I get through to the mobile support they just seem confused. Any idea how to solve this?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MjBoyle,

Thanks for the update on this. I'm really sorry to hear that an issue has been identified directly on the line into your flat. I've been unable to identify a service for you on our systems.

I'm going to pop you a PM to gather some more details to look into this for you, please look out for it in the top-right, in the purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Thanks Reece - have responded to your message.