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Ive posted here several times in the past two weeks and got no result. On the 12th of this month i recieved a quickstart package WITH NO PLUG/POWER ADAPTOR. 

After many unsuccessful attempts of calling customer services i finally got through to someone who assured me that they will send out the missing part. Cut to the week after and i still did not recieve anything. I call again and make the same request, but with no result. So i call back AGAIN three days ago and request and engineer appointment. The CSA assured me that my appointment will be processed and i should expect an engineer today. I just checked my profile and there is NOTHING in my orders and appointments section. Now i am out of my 14 day grace period and if i want to cancel i will have to pay a fee. This is totally unacceptable and if i dont get help soon i will have no choice but to seek legal action or report to ofcom. Ive been accepted for three different work from home jobs and have to keep turning them down because i dont have my internet yet. It might sound stupid to some but this lack of service is really affecting my life. PLEASE HELP ME!!

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