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Appalling Customer Service Broadband

Tuning in

Has anyone else been struggling with Virgin M250 Broadband? We left our contract with sky (a month early) for a faster product but now 7 weeks later we are still without any broadband at all. 
Virgin agreed an install date of 12/05/23, made some excuses that they couldn’t meet this due to permits a couple of days before and have subsequently done exactly the same to us on 29/05/23 and 15/06/23. 
We work from home which has been impossible and cost us well over 80gb in mobile data. 
We were promised an explanation from a manager on the phone but this has not materialised, every time Virgin contact by phone it is with flimsy excuses, false promises and no information behind what / why this is happening?

Has anyone else had these problems? Does it get any better once or if Virgin ever get their act together?



Retaining the current ISP service until after the VM internet service is installed and working is the normal process for switching from an ADSL/FTTC ISP to Virgin Media.

What snags are preventing VM from delivering a service ? 
E.g. need for cable pulls / new blown fibre installation, permissions to cross land, grounds or to work on / in buildings.

Ah, I didn’t know it was the usual process to retain the existing supply until virgin get round to it. Wish I had, as this would have saved us a nightmare. 
I don’t know what the snag / problem is as they won’t tell me, other than they say permits one minute and that they have no engineers / staffing the next. It’s a simple install as we live close the green roadside box and our front garden is 10 metres to the house. 

Hi Disappointed13


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear about the delay with the installation.


Do you have a complaint raised currently?


If not, we can send you a private message and get this raised to the relevant team if you would like?


Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Vikki, I’m not sure where we’re upto to be honest as although promised I’ve not had anything in writing at all. Could you message me directly and then we can go from there. 

Hi Disappointed13


sure 🙂


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our Getting Started guide