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Another installation question- location of wall socket

Hi there

I have already posted a couple of questions around my installation but I now have another.

Given we have the cabling coming in from the street and whilst it appears to go into our house through the air brick/vent there is no wall socket inside. 

So we'll obviously need to have one installed- my question is do we have some say where that can be?  By that I mean we would like it behind the TV unit so it is out of sight.  That's where a lot of other cables come in for Sky etc. and so would be preferable.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Another installation question- location of wall socket

The installer should put the socket where you ask, but bear in mind that unless you have other plans, putting the hub itself in a corner behind a TV can result in a poor signal for wirelesss devices in other parts of the property.  If you decide that you'll go with that anyway, consider asking that hub is installed with a long enough cable to move it somewhere more open in case experience shows that is needed.