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Annoying long delay

Tuning in

Keeping it short

been passed from pillar to post on every phone call telling me they cannot provide a date to come out to dig down to install the cabling that enables us to have gigabit fibre in the house. 
first got told news a wayleave needs to be filled out and sent back from neighbours, cool, signed by all the relevant people. 
then getting told on Monday 19th that the work would be completed thurs 12th oct. 
did it happen? 

rang up Friday 13th, told me it would be today. 
did that happen? 
No of course not, Virgin Media sure do like to lie about installing equipment. 
Currently without any Wi-Fi but a stupid dongle from o2 that barely gives us any internet to stream anything to the tv. 

reading some other threads and this seems to take months! My husband is an avid gamer who is currently so frustrated we don’t have internet To be able to play his games on pc or even go on the Xbox as the updates are bigger than the gigabytes we’re allowed.  
How do I get this sorted and have the internet we need? 
we’re already in contract with VM or we would’ve been looking at moving and honestly nowhere else is as cheap as we’ve managed to find it for our area. Just so angry that this is happening as half our world now revolves around connection since we’re also without the TV box 


I’m not connected yet still waiting but when I signed up for Gigabit & Stream, CS op asked me if I wanted to pay anything I said I’ll pay it all £67, that was on the 8/10/23 install on the 20/10, but some external works need doing first, it didn’t happen now put back to 8/11 as they need to do a hard dig to do the pre-pull ie a machine to cut through concrete, but I can’t see why, the tee is at the edge of my lawn & then a concrete path around the bungalow, don’t most people have one, seems strange, can see the 8/11 being delayed as well.

We’ve been pushed back 4 times. We had gigabit in our last house, no issues. We moved 6 months into the virgin media contract, almost a month and a half ago, we’ve been sent a dongle from o2, to which we have used all the GB for cause I should be working from home. Judging from the other stories on here, we’ll be waiting till way after Christmas 😫

Dialled in

you be lucky if they turn up we been let down twice just to replace the cable from the cabinet to the house in which is few house's away 3 months now we been waiting new date 26/10/23 we will see iff they turn up

Hi @Smelty 

Thanks for coming back to the thread. I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Apparently someone is coming out today but I won’t be holding my breath for that 😂😂

Tuning in


still no progress. 
no contact from VM regarding when this will be sorted. 

maybe I’ll ask Santa for internet 🎄

Hi @Smelty,

I'm sorry to hear this. I can see you've been discussing this further with one of my colleagues via private message.

If you haven't done so already, please respond to their last message there and they'll respond in due course to help you further.


Zach - Forum Team
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I replied to a colleague yesterday and honestly I got a pretty rude reply. 
seriously been considering moving providers now.