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Am I eligible for compensation if they cancel installation completely?

Joining in


My area has only recently had Virgin Fibre installed underground, and two salespeople visited by house and I agreed to signup for the 1GB fibre connection. This all went smoothly and direct debit etc.. was all setup.

My original install date was 17th May 2023, this was cancelled a couple days beforehand and a new date was scheduled in - this has happened about 10 times now and the reason they gave was always that outside work needed to be done, and "permits are needed" whenever I ventured to give their support team a ring.

My "new" installation date was supposed to be this Saturday (9th Sept) however I got a text message saying they needed to speak to me and I could see yet again that it had been cancelled in the My Virgin app. However, this time they didn't reshedule it but instead flat out told me they wouldn't be installing it at all due to the cables not being there.

So I have now essentially wasted almost 4 months waiting for my Virgin internet to be installed which couldn't have ever happened in the first place. I've read their terms & conditions and I was supposed to be earning £5.83 per day that the installation was delayed (which comes to over £600!).

My question is now that they're essentially cancelling the service completely, am I entitled to anything? I am 100% certain they knew from the very start that the cabling wasn't in-place, and they've just been stringing me along for 4 months... Absolutely ridiculous.


Alessandro Volta

Yes they have to pay you the compensation. Refer to the OFCOM minimum requirements doc.

and para 36 to 39 ref a cease notice, when VM is no longer going to pay compensation. Once issued, VM has to pay for a further 30 days beyond that.

You need to work out what you think you are due and don't forget to include any days when VM said you had to be at home and no one showed without VM giving you 24 hours notice of the cancellation

In all likelihood VM will deny any responsibility to pay you with a range of dubious excuses (such as 'council permits'). If/when that happens you will need to make a formal complaint to VM first of all (a requirement)

before escalating to arbitration

VM should pay you what you are owed within 30 days of notifying you of the cancellation (but probably best set your expectations of that actually happening to 'very, very low indeed'!)

Dialled in

In a bizarre way, if VM were to offer some completely BS excuse not to pay you, then actually that will ultimately work in your favour. Now, yes, according to the OFCOM rules which VM signed up for, then you are absolutely entitled to the compensation regardless of the circumstances here. It would appear that the VM call centre staff are either complete untrained in said regulations or are positively ‘encouraged’ to lie claim to the customer that they aren’t entitled…* Presumably enough people are ignorant of their rights to just accept this, and make it worth their while.

So, the process is this, VM’s call centre agents, (and legally their claims reflect on the company as a whole), tell you that you are not entitled to any compensation, because, well, there is an R in the month! Fine! You ask to raise a complaint, this will probably be ignored, or you raise a complaint on their website - this will also be ignored or closed with some ‘resolution’ written in English but with a grammatical structure which could easily be confused with something written by a seven year old.

Again, fine, now you could waste time requesting a ‘deadlock letter’, although recent posts on here would hint that this has about as much chance of succeeding as if you had asked them to send you the original Dead Sea Scrolls. But eight weeks after your original complaint, you can escalate the whole sorry mess to the industry arbitration service and request not only that they order VM to pay you the required compensation but also extra compensation for the poor complaint handling, deliberate attempt to deny you your rights etc.