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Address exists, but not listed

Joining in

Hi VM Team,

My address is an apartment in a house that has been split into three separate apartments.


When attempting to arrange VM Broadband service, my address (letter E of the group of apartments) is not listed on the VM database, but the other four addresses (A-D) within the property are.

I filled the form to "check my address", and have not received a response of any kind after 11 business days. I also attempted to speak to VM via the WhatsApp chat, and was given the response "Your area doesn't have service, please fill the form to check" before it disconnected. 

As part of my troubleshooting, I have selected one of the other addresses in my property, and have received the confirmation "Our service is at your post code!", so I am pretty confident that you do service the area & property, and simply need to add my address to your database.

The address is listed on the Royal Mail address list, and I have had no issues with the address with any other services (Council, Water, Utilities, etc).

Finally, we have a BT Openreach socket/port installed in the property from a previous tenant, which leads me to believe that this section of the building is serviced by network cabling, etc.


I seem to have no way of speaking to anyone from VM on this properly and finding a resolution, so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get the ball rolling with someone on here!





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @chesdev90 

Thank you for reaching out to us here, welcome to the community.

There could be a number of reasons why one property could receive service and not another. It’s very difficult to say without understanding it a little more so I would like to take a look at this for you and see what I can do to help. In order to do so I will need a little bit more detail so I will send you a private message.

Once we have a better understanding we may be able to escalate this to one of our team to resolve for you because we would love to have you as a customer.


Thank you



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