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Account temporary reactivation - going in circles with Customer Services - HELP!

Hello forum. HELP!

I've got a Virgin Media account that was 'closed' in Nov 2020, that I've attempting to get temporarily reactivated in order to do a phone number port away to a different provider. (I know.. it should have been done before the account was closed....)(The equipment actually hasn't been returned yet.)

Anyway I contacted VM customer services over a week ago, after after speaking to a few agents who said I needed to speak to the number porting team, I got hold of a very helpful lady, who seemed clued up and said actually the way to do it, is to setup a temporary account reactivation, they can then reassociate the old telephone number with the account - it doesn't seem to have been reused yet - and it is a VM supplied number (in use for 20 years) and not one that was originally ported in from BT.

The cust rep  set it all up on the system and said I would need to reconnect the equipment within 24 hours (which I did) as it still hadn't been returned at that point, and she said everything would then be re-activated within 24 hours.

Well it wasn't. Call back after 24 hrs have passed and speak to another customer services rep, who said yep, this is the right way to do what you want, I can see the Work order on the system, but its been rejected for being in slightly the wrong format. He corrects it, resubmits it onto the system and says ok, it should be online in 72 hours.

72 hours pass. Its still not back online. Ring customer services again, speak to somewho who has to consult with his manager for several times , but says yes, this is the proper way to do it, puts *another* work order on the system, and confirms yes, this is definately the last work order I'll need and it will be done in 24 to 48 hours. Great!

48 hours pass. Its still not working. I ring customer services AGAIN (today) (quite late, 1.5 hrs to going home time) and ask whats going on. Polite rep consults with her manager and said, yes I can see all the notes on the system, but no we can't reactivate the account so you can do the voip port.

I'm confused now. I mention that 4 other reps and their managers have said it can be done and now your trying to tell me it can't. I try to escalate to her manager, who is too busy to talk to me now , but promised to call me within 2 hours, but of course doesn't...

Please community, is there a mod/cust service rep on here I can PM with account details so you can have a look at this, or should my next course of action to put a formal complaint in in writing?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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