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90% of online orders dont go through

Joining in

Ordered virgin broadband through uswitch on 14th of july, install date due 4th of August.

Today i rang virgin to confirm my order was still on schedule only to be told they could not see it and put me through to sales.

Sales told me 90% of online orders do not go through and i would have to re order my broadband. Now i have to wait another 16 days and i am without internet.

Also i have now had another credit search from virgin which will affect my score.

I have the CSS and CIS documents from the original order.

Is this what sales staff are supposed to be telling me? And why is this happening. I will also speak to uswitch about this.

Also i have to pay 2 months worth on 4th of september which is only 6 weeks after installation???


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @TomH22

Welcome to the community. 

Sorry to hear that your order you made through Uswitch was not received and processed. Glad to hear that you have spoken to our sales team now and have a order processed and confirmed for you. 

The credit scores for our media packages are only soft checks and should not affect your credit score, like a credit score for a mobile would do. 

Your first bill is a for services used and for services for the next month as you pay in advance for your service from that point. You can find out more about your first bill and how we calculate this here

Here to help 🙂
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On our wavelength
Virgin hard searched me 😞

I have 3 hard searches on my credit from Virgin so that's false.

Also since my new order is 16 days after my original order, surely im due compensation, according to Ofcom that would be £84.


Hi there @TomH22


I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened and thank you so much for your updates and I am so sorry to hear that this has been your experience. 


I'd be happy to pop you a PM so we can look into this together and see what we can arrange for you. 


Please keep your eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner alerting you to a new message. 


Thanks again.