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4 months for installation, date moved 7 times- and counting!

Joining in

Our wifi was supposed to be installed at the end of April. It has just been moved for the 7th time to the 1st September with that probably not being the last time! I have complained 3 times and only the first one was responded to which was no help at all. Virgin have been awful and not given any real explanation on why it’s so delayed! They say it’s outside work but there is literally a Virgin box attached to our house and all the neighbours are with Virgin so I don’t understand the issue. I’m going to ask for a deadlock letter but I am at my wits end on what to do! This is our first house and we haven’t been able to live there as I work from home so this has completely ruined our experience of moving out and has been extremely disheartening and I feel hopeless. Any advice? 


Alessandro Volta

Read the explanations here (just posted).

The ombudsman (via your deadlock letter) can't compel VM to install for you nor make VM speed up its processes.

If you want to move into your new home, set up some interim provision (such as a data SIM/mobile hotspot etc on a rolling monthly basis). Alternatively look into a connection via an Openreach supplier on a rolling monthly contract while you wait for VM (limited options for this and higher up-front setup cost but some waiting customers have reported doing this on here due to VM's lengthy installation delays)

Thanks for the reply and advice. If we purchased a hotspot could we get Virgin to reimburse us? Or if we cancelled and went with someone else would we still be entitled to our compensation?

vm will not reimburse you - they may offer to send you a dongle but from past posts they dont turn up or rarely do

dont cancel even if you decide enough is enough - let them blunder on until they install and then cancel in the 14 day cooling off period - compensation would be payable at just under £6 a day from your original install date until it went live

you may have to fight for it via the arbitrator as VM have a history of paying less than they should but its not difficult to raise the claim


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