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** 2 Months and Still Waiting for Installation **

Tuning in

On 31/07/22 I signed up for Virgin Media.

Since that date I have had *3 installation dates* that have been pushed back! I am now on my fourth date and am at my wits end.

The first appointment was cancelled two days before installation. I was initially told that the pre pull didn’t go ahead. 

For the second appointment I which was postponed I was told that there was a blockage that needed to be cleared and that planning permission was required to dig up the pavement outside of my property.

On the 01/09/22 a maintenance crew visited with planning permission to dig up the road. However, upon inspection, they realised the “blockage” could be cleared by hand and they did not need to dig up the pavement outside of my property.

This team ‘roped’ the man hole outside of my house all the way down to the green cabinet 30m away from my property - thereby clearing any potential issues.

Anticipating a third cancellation, a week before the scheduled installation to called the Pre-Installs team to check whether or not the notes on my account had been updated confirming the blockage had been cleared…THEY HAD NOT!!

To confirm there was no blockage the Pre-Install team sent out a Virgin engineer to check. 

On 17/09/22 Virgin Media pre-install team sent an engineer to confirm the blockage had been removed and he knocked on my door and we both inspected the small hole outside of my property and he again confirmed that the installation could proceed as the cable had been ”roped”.

He advised me that there was no reason for the pre-pull/installation to be delayed further. There was nothing stopping the installation of services.


However, today, two days before my scheduled installation Virgin Media called me again to confirm that the installation had been pushed back another 3 weeks due to scheduled works needing to happen! When asked what said works were I was told that there is a BLOCKAGE outside of my house and that works needed to take place!

I have been through this same procedure 3 times now. Every time the exact same message of BLOCKAGE and same cancellation two days before.

Process is as follows:

1) Installation date gets set.

2) Two days before I get a call/text/email stating postponed. Reason there is a BLOCKAGE outside of my home.

3) New date set without consultation.

4) Engineer visits to state no blockage!!!

5) Appointment again cancelled two days before installation.

Repeat x3

Virgin Media, how can you run a company in such a way?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JoAddy,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the service you have received, this is not experience we want any customer to receive. We can certainly understand the frustration and inconvenience caused, especially when your installation has been delayed on several occasions. 

We can see that your complaint has already been escalated and is being dealt with currently. 

Can we ask if a new date has been arranged with you for this installation?

Please let me know, as we will be more than happy to being you in for a private chat and look at what has happened so far.

Kind regards Jodi. 



  • Good afternoon,


Yes, a new date has been arranged (automatically) as per usual - three weeks on from the last date. This is an automated process and no doubt will be cancelled two days beforehand. 

Thus far, as far as I can tell, no progress has been made.

Hi there @JoAddy


Thank you for popping back to us and I am so sorry again that this install has been delayed. 


I would be happy to look into this with your via  PM so we can try see what has happened. 


I'll pop one across now, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message. 


Thank you.