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1GB service only giving 700

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My upgrade from 350 to 1GB arrived today (upgrade to hub5) but the download speed is maxing out at around 700, way short of the “1130 average speed” advertised. That speed is with no other decides whatsoever connected and on wifi rather than ethernet but within 30 centimetres of the hub. The device I’m using to test the speed had no problem showing >1GB speed when tested on my friends broadband at his house. So the issue is not my device, can only be the hub or virgin’s service to the house. Please advise. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM speeds are only guaranteed over Ethernet, there are too many factors involved with WiFi to get a meaningful comparison. 

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Report back on what this sites shows:

Alessandro Volta

Also check the WiFi 5GHz bandwidth settings on the Hub. 

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