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145 Flats in 8 buildings, desperately in need of a Virgin connection

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Hello Virgin staff,

Hope you can help. I am very surprised that the flat I am in doesn't have access to Virgin. This flat is in a complex of 145 apartments with reasonably young owners & tenants who are very likely to be clients if Virgin connects them. The whole complex does not have access to FTTP nor FTTC just a plain old ADSL of 22Mbps. It is painful and surprising. If Virgin arrives before other providers they will unlock a lot of new customers!

When checking addresses just outside this building complex, Virgin is available.

Would you mind having a look at why Virgin isn't here and if and when the installation is planned for please?

Address in PM

Many thanks



Someone from the VM forum team will respond in a day or two for you to advise.

Past discussions about this though on here have cited reasons of cost for not retro-fitting VM, in bulk, to buildings containing flats as well as difficulty obtaining permission from lots of individual property owners, freeholders and gaining wayleave agreements for the work.

Sounds a tempting prospect for VM in principle but would involve a significant outlay for the work, as well as paperwork/administration, with no guarantee of an acceptable return for VM.

Edit: After re-reading your post, if you are requesting an installation for your own flat individually, that might be more possible but same possible obstacles regarding cost and paperwork and wayleave apply. Becomes decreasingly likely if your flat is not on the ground floor with easy access to the street for the cable.

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Forum Team

Hi there @Beber


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I'd be happy to take a look into this with you, I will pop you a PM now so we can take a closer look.


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Thank you. 

Alessandro Volta

Check when Openreach will be bringing FTTP to your area.

And some of the smaller fibre companies are quite enterprising when it comes to installing in blocks.  See if any are working in your area.

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Thanks guys,

Ash have my details to whoever and someone will get back to me for more info. 

It is very likely that the whole complex will have to be cabled as I can't see my top floor flat away from the street an easy one off. 

Thanks for the openreach link. 

The thing is the whole area and further is cabled with Virgin, and other FTTPs. 

There must be some sort of issue for the 8 buildings complex since it is literally a fast internet black spot in the area. 

But I am keen to help if we need to get the management company involved.

Thanks for you time guys. I hope there could be some progress having contacted the right people.