Community Trialists Wanted!



We're looking for community members to register their interest in future trials.

If you're interested in getting your hands on the latest tech, first, we want to hear from you.

Please complete the survey below (or click here from Mobile Devices)

Oh, and if you've already completed it in the last year, you don't need to do it again.

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Rising star

I've just signed up too.  Have only recently signed up with Virgin Media, but have been a trialist for other companies before so would really love to take part in future trials.

Thanks in advance

Alessandro Volta




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I may be wrong but, I would imagine this is regarding VOIP. They are about to trial it I have been informed.  The SH3 has two ports for this. Not for me if so. I see little point in having that and if and most certianly when wifi goes down you will not be able to phone them unless of course you use a mobile.  Invent and wheel comes to mind.

Tuning in

done and thank you___

Fibre optic
*puts hand in the air to trial 1Gbps
Joining in


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I would be interested in testing any new products and/or services.

Thank you in advance!

On our wavelength

Done and dusted! 🙂

Tuning in

I am in the process of just taking broadband (Cable) and dropping TV and Telephone from my package. Virgin is too expensive nowadays, especially in current climate!

I have gone Freesat route with a Humax HDR-1100S 500 GB Freesat with Freetime HD TV Recorder for TV/Tivo replacement. I have gone VOIP now paying £5 permonth for a local number and 500 free mins and 2p/min mobile calls.

Virgin is too slow to move to next technology!

Dialled in

Completed and look forward to hopefully shaping new services / products in the future.  Do something similar with O2 and pretty interesting a lot of the time.

Tuning in

I have just registered and wish I had done so ages and been chosen as my V6 service I waited three months to be installed is APPALLING!!! could have given so much productive feedback that my issues wouldn`t be apparant!!

Community elder

I really wanted to "trial" Virgin Media as a provider, a test-run if you will, but apparently being a community member alone, "We're looking for community members to register their interest in future trials." is not actually accurate.

I have been a community member since 2009, but apparently you also have to be a current VM customer, so the offer to be a trialist is in fact a sham.

To all those who posted in response, "done", you probably have been!

Fibre optic

Anyone heard anything back yet??


Problem sorter

Nope but wonder if something is going on with HUB3 as someone mentioned  he is under a NDA in a thread to do with an issue with the HUB3 and said its not Firmware.


Registered a couple of years ago and already took part in some trials but re-registered to update my devices and preferences regarding trials I would like to be considered for. Really hope there is another upcoming HUB3 trial to test updated firmware - could really do with some of them bugs being fixed!

Fibre optic

Well still nothing.


Not heard anything - is this still pending?

Tuning in

I have heard nothing on trials or for the appalling service via V6 and HUB3 should do a survey before installing!!!!

Tuning in

Recent upgraded to a Hub 3 - the one with two telephone ports! Yes I know that they don't do anything right now but, as a VOIP user of more than 10 years with Vonage, what would be fruitful ( Smiley Happy ) would be for Virgin to open the ports up so that they can offer this service.

Problem sorter

Got a mail yesterday about 1 trial I was on that is on hold now but will be on again but TBH its a waste of time as they deciced to put it on hold back then but now its back on VM and will let us trial it for 2-3 days then relase to public < What is point of that (BUGS)?