BBC Three

Virgin Media Staff

BBC Three has now moved online and is an on-demand service. This means you can watch what you want, when you want online.The channel will still be on the channel guide for a few more weeks - letting you know how to can find BBC Three programmes in future.

So how can I watch BBC Three now?

All BBC Three shows are available on BBC iPlayer – which you can receive on your TiVo® box, or on a supported device. Just open up BBC iPlayer and go to the BBC Three section to find all the regular BBC Three programmes plus some new stuff!


How long will BBC Three programmes be available for on iPlayer?

Normally, at least 30 days after they premiere online, but most BBC Three programmes will be available for much longer time periods. Some of the content BBC Three makes for YouTube and social media will stay up for longer.


Why isn’t BBC Three available on my V / V HD or V+ HD box?

Virgin Media V / V HD and V+ HD boxes can only show programmes that have been on TV in the past seven days. Since BBC Three is now an online only service, it is not shown on TV and therefore not available on non-TiVo boxes.


Where’s the BBC Three live stream on iPlayer?

BBC Three is now an on-demand service only, so there isn’t a live stream for it any more. But you can still watch BBC Three programmes whenever you like on BBC iPlayer or you can access them via the BBC Three website


What does mean to Virgin Media customers?

BBC Three will be removed from the Virgin Media TV service from March 31st and the only way to access content will be via iPlayer as detailed above.
You'll still be able to access recordings for 6 months until October 4th 2016.



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